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MontinariFiera del Levante has always worked for the large market of the regions of the South of Italy, but has also extended its outreach to South-East Europe, the Balkans, the Mediterranean area, Middle East and North Africa.  The editions of Fiera del Levante held in Albania provide clear evidence: over the years, these events marked an increasing success thanks to the attendance of exhibitors and visitors, not only from Italy and Albania, but also from the entire Balkan region.


Intervention by Francesco Schittulli – President of the Provincial Authority of Bari

SchittulliAt present, Italy is experiencing a dramatic crisis. There has been no period like it in the last 60 years. We are faced with an ethical rather than economic crisis, onto which are grafted strong tensions, social inequalities and remarkable difficulties for millions and millions of Italians. On top of it, there is an issue that raises concern more than others: it seems that the majority of the political class abdicated his role, entrusting the future of the country to a technical government and delegating the choices they had failed to make for many years to it.


Intervention by Alessandro Ambrosi, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Bari

AmbrosiThe sequence of events which have occurred in the new millennium highlight the nature and scope of long-term structural changes in worldwide political, economic and social contexts. Faced with such a scenario, our small and medium-sized enterprises cannot but cope with the current situation, perhaps finding an important discussion partner in Fiera del Levante.


Intervention by Donato D'Agostino, Confindustria Puglia

D'AgostinoInternationalization : that is the “magic word” to get out of the crisis and boost businesses competitiveness.
99.4% of Italian businesses is, in fact, made up of micro and small-sized enterprises, which appear sometimes unstructured, entrepreneur-focused and not always able to implement strategic choices that may result in important recognition abroad. To achieve this goal, it is instead necessary to combine business culture with a real vocation to internationalization.


"Fair and institutions", a constant dialogue for territory growth

The roots of the partnership between Fiera del Levante and the institutions date back as far as 1928. In that year, the three founding bodies – Chamber of Commerce, Municipality and the Provincial Authority of Bari – assigned the definite project plan for the urban development of the trade fair district to architect Cesare Augusto Corradini. Its location was identified in the area of San Cataldo – San Francesco dell’Arena where buildings, halls, alleys, gardens and services both for visitors and staff were rapidly realized in a 5-month period of hard work.
The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari at that time, Antonio De Tullio, managed to receive the help of Federico Pinna-Berchet, Deputy Secretary of the Fair in Milan, who convinced two professionals he worked with, Giuseppe Cobol and Francesco Badubri, to follow him. These three high-talented professionals launched Fiera del Levante on the domestic and international market.
Since then, and thanks to the constant commitment of the Apulia Government, Fiera del Levante organizes trade shows that can encourage the demand and supply matching in the best possible way; also, it develops initiatives (even outside Italy) to support businesses during their internationalization process.
And the rest is recent history. The Regional Government is investing in Fiera del Levante for a number of initiatives: to allocate innovative industries, test co-working experiences among young professionals (as is the case in Berlin or Copenhagen) and launch a “House of Music” – in November 2011, Medimex, the Exhibition on Mediterranean Music, attracted 3,000 visitors and 2,000 artists -  on the model of Cineporto, which has its headquarters in Fiera del Levante since January 2010. Meanwhile, it is funding the achievement of a new Conference Centre: thanks to support received by the Polytechnic Institute in Bari, conference rooms will be soon located in the old Palazzo del Mezzogiorno, the new hall and the ground floor of Palazzo delle Nazioni.
Provincial Authority contributed to the organization of Costa dei Trulli-Summer Festival in the last two years, which welcomed distinguished guests from the national, international and regional music scene.


Intervention by Onofrio Introna, President of the Regional Council of Apulia

Ambassador in the world, international landmark in the South of Italy, meeting place par excellence, container of innovative ideas: if these four statements are not enough to describe Fiera del Levante as is today,  they certainly provide a clear picture of how it has deeply changed in the last few months, just like our beloved Apulia.



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