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Nuova FdL, 23-02-2018


Tradition and innovation with an eco-sustainability focus

“Disguised bicycles” with papier mâché horse head and tail, eye-less giants, a wide range of masks and the omnipresent “Farinella”! If you walk into the Hall No. 129 of Fiera del Levante, where The Hub Bari Association is currently based, you will certainly be “infected” by Putignano Carnival spirit as well as by the new sparkling atmosphere you can breathe at Fiera del Levante.

Renovation is no longer a goal to achieve in the medium-long run, but it is a reality thanks to the following simple and essential keywords: creativity, sharing of ideas and dialogue among people – mainly youths – who believe in a better world. This spirit animates the new communities of Fiera del Levante headquarters but also one of the most ancient and renowned traditional festivals, thanks to its charm and mystery able to resist over the centuries.

618th  Putignano Carnival, which combines tradition with innovation, is based on a single concept: you can look beyond and see the future only standing on giants’ shoulders. The invitation is then to understand who we are and to collect all the tools we need by simply working and cycling. Then, it is not by chance that the traditional tractor parade was replaced this year by sustainable bicycles. After the first pedal-powered eco-friendly concert, which placed Puglia in the forefront during the European Mobility Week, “CreAttivaMente”, a regional program for Mobility, has launched a new initiative: two cycle-drawn floats and four active bicycle sharing systems with ten bikes each, all of them disguised as horses, which can be rented to transmit an invitation to change and to play an active role.

When? During the carnival parades scheduled on February 5, 12 and 19 (in the morning) and on February 21 (in the evening). This year, the topics of the show are related to economy, spread tightening, end of dictatorships and the freedom of the press. But, along with floats parades, there will be a series of events related to cooking, folklore, costumes, children, disabilities and recover of the origins.

The merit goes to the work carried out by Fondazione Carnevale di Putignano, promoted by the Municipality of Putignano which, among its founding members, includes the Regional Government (in particular, Councillorships for Culture and Infrastructures) and which will soon cooperate on joint projects with the Provincial Administration of Bari. It is worth mentioning the work of “Post la fabbrica della creatività”, which created open source networks and a “3.0” Carnival inaugurating a new season of festivals, responsibility, joy and sharing. Because “the poetry of change is written by the gentle and dirty hands of a smith, papier maché worker, sculptor, painter, inventor and by a councillor who, from giants’ shoulders, with the hands dirty of inky and bravery, is the most craziest person among crazy people who dream crowds of crazy people.” A guide principle that fully represents the new path of Fiera del Levante.

Edited by the Press Office of Fiera del Levante, No.1

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