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Eataly will have its own space in Fiera del Levante. Here you can read the statements by Viesti, Farinetti, Vendola, Stefàno, Sannicandro, Resta and Ambrosi


Eataly lands in Bari. With its 7 stores both in Italy and Japan, one store in New York (which, according to New York Times, is the 3rd most visited shop with 20 thousand daily customers), a forthcoming opening in Rome (probably on April 21, 2012) at Stazione Ostiense, 11 thousand square meters of food products, wine bottles, books, tables, kitchens, workshops, trips, almost four million daily visitors and a 40-billion turnover, this food industrial giant will open a permanent market-exhibition (in September 2012) in the right wing of the “monumental” entrance of Fiera del Levante.
It is an investment of 5-7 billion Euro (without public funds) that will allow this healthy Italian food label to employ at least 100 workers (all local, and preferably, young people), occupy a surface of more than 8,000 square metres (both the two towers and monumental entrance will be renovated) and promote at least twice in Italy and once abroad Apulia agro-food products with a double label: Eataly-Fiera.

The terms of such an important agreement were explained during the press conference. According to President of Fiera del Levante Gianfranco Viesti, “making investments in this period is a courageous choice, but it stems from a simple idea: this crisis will come to an end and we will succeed. The agreement with Eataly allows Fiera del Levante to work with a quality partner and gives us the chance to enhance part of our heritage, obtain remarkable revenues (at least 300 thousand Euro per year) and host, not only exhibitions, but also initiatives aiming at promoting relationships among people and the development of new services and ideas.”

Founder of Eataly Oscar Farinetti has also used the word “courageous” to describe the choice of landing in Bari. “This is going to be the only big Eataly concept store in the South of Italy at least for the next 10 years and we chose Puglia because its trendy and highly sold label is the ‘coolest’ one in the agro-food industry”. Moreover, Italian cooking is the richest one in biodiversity and what we want to do is to promote this abroad, putting together the communities that live around food”. The initiatives undertaken by Eataly include food education classes for children (schools will be involved) and retired people and the creation of a strong relation with local producers.

Puglia Governor Nichi Vendola describes Farinetti as “an entrepreneur who invests in a quality, beauty and intelligence economy. Compared with 6 years ago, Fiera del Levante has now extremely changed – starting from the new exhibition hall, also used as conference centre, to the old part of the fair district, which may turn into an area dedicated to excellence – it can house a reality like Eataly, which will provide several advantages to the whole region.”

“Thanks to Eataly – says Dario Stefàno, Regional Councillor for Agro-food Resources – we will enter into the international scene with our identity, brand and ‘agriculture’”.

Elio Sannicandro, Town Councillor for Town Planning, argues, “the 2007-2009 strategic plan already envisaged the creation of an Academy of Taste that will certainly help Fiera del Levante in its renovation process.”

According to Onofrio Resta, Provincial Councillor for Production Activities, “This agreement is the symbol of a synergy among important institutions that combines culture, traditions and quality and that will increasingly boost our exportations.”

“Finally”, underlines Alessandro Ambrosi, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, “after months of negotiations our efforts have turned into reality. Puglia opens its doors to a potential competitor, which will actually become a strategic partner for our companies.”

Bari, 27 December 2011

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