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Milan, February 13. Smau Business Bari is around the corner. This next Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 February, in the new Hall of Fiera del Levante, visitors will have the chance to see first-hand the latest products and solutions offered by over 80 companies, including Cisco, Fujitsu, Gruppo TeamSystem, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Sap, Xerox and Zucchetti, and discussed in more than 50 workshops.

The 4th edition of Smau Bari will be inaugurated on Wednesday February 15, at 10.45, by Gianfranco Viesti, President of Fiera del Levante, Loredana Capone, Vice-President of Apulia Government, Alessandro Ambrosi, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, Domenico Favuzzi, Acting Vice President of the Union of Industrialists of the province of Bari and Barletta – Andria – Trani, Giuliana Trisorio Liuzzi, President of ARTI Puglia, Gianni Sebastiano, President of the IT industrial area in Apulia and Nicola Ciniero, CEO at IBM Italia.
Then, after a brief introduction by Pierantonio Macola, CEO at Smau, Loredana Capone, chaired by Giancarlo Capitani, President of Net Consulting, will discuss how technology innovation can effectively help local companies to compete in the global market and will review all the policies that the Regional Government put into place to encourage technological development in Apulia.   Finally, Giuliano Faini, from Osservatorio Smau - School of Management, Polytechnic Institute in Milan, will announce the winners of the Apulia ICT Innovation Award.
During the exhibition, high attention will be paid to Tablets, Ultrabooks, Cloud Computing, the latest solutions in the field of Digital Printing and Document Management and to the high number of Apps which allow users to manage complex business activities from their own smartphone/tablet.   
Let’s give a sneak preview of the latest products that will be on display in Smau Business Bari. Cisco will introduce Cius, a tablet that allows video conferencing. At Fujitsu stand, you will find out capabilities of the so-called Stylistic tablet, Lifebook notebook and Celsius workstation in addition to Datacenter solutions and a range of professional scanners proposed by PFU. Gruppo Teamsystem offer is focused on applications for professional firms, companies and micro-enterprises. IBM will introduce  ACG Vision4, an integrated management software available from 1,90 Euro per day, and smart software products for data automatic management, solutions for social businesses and smarter commerce, services for security and operational continuity of infrastructures, technologies and services to carry out cloud computing projects. Do not miss products and solutions announced at Intel stand: from ultrabooks to tablets, notebooks, PCs, servers, storage solutions, digital signage systems and multimedia totems. This year, Microsoft staked everything on Office 365 cloud solution for communication and collaboration that allows to have, from 4,50 Euro per month, your agenda, e-mails and all that you need to work efficiently wherever and on any browser and device. Sap will introduce Fast Start, a management solution that can be configured online and enables you to have costs estimates since the beginning, and Sap Business One, an integrated management system that promptly meets flexibility and competitiveness needs dictated by the market. Tooway, is one of the new exhibitors in the next edition of Smau Bari: the company will introduce a satellite internet connection from 19,90 Euro per month, that ensures national-wide coverage, even in digital divide areas. Xerox will propose its printing solutions for professional and micro-enterprises to limit costs and respect the environment. Finally, Zucchetti will introduce a range of management solutions to reduce work times and costs, thus streamlining business activities execution: from CRMs to DMS, Business Intelligence Systems, e-commerce platforms and solutions for employees attendance management.
The appointment with smartphone and tablet apps is scheduled on Friday February 16, at 10.00: Smau Mob App Awards will award the best business & consumer apps created by developers from the South of Italy.
Then, the focus will shift to the issue of Smart Cities, at the heart of an event to be held on Thursday at 11.30, “Smart Cities: Opportunities for local enterprises”; this initiative, launched in conjunction with Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities), will shed light on the projects currently under development in Bari to improve urban life quality and highlight economic development opportunities for local companies that result from such projects.   Michele Emiliano, Mayor of Bari, will also attend this event.
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